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We are, and always intend to be, a QUALITY FIRM.

The intent and strong desire of the firm is to be the friendliest, most competent firm in the area, but not necessarily the largest. 

Growth is not a primary goal, but it is believed to be a natural result of doing a good job - like a report card.

We are striving to give the best service of any firm in the Western Treasure Valley.  Best service involves but is not limited to:  Competency, timeliness, accuracy, congeniality, concern for the clients' welfare, the professional appearance of everything the client receives (financial statements, tax returns, correspondence, etc.), and the warmth of our people and our office environment.

Profitability is an absolute requirement, but in no instance will quality of the work be compromised for profitability. 

The firm further believes and practices the old cliché that "honesty is the best policy"; honesty and integrity in all dealings with clients, employees, and others.

"Not the biggest, not the most expensive, just the best!"